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Blessed by Pope John Paul II
Revisited... This past weekend with my little one... Blessed by Pope John Paul II (1984) Now sits mostly abandoned - Internal power struggles have forced the closure of the church, whose last service was held on June 25 2006. The still unfinished Cathedral of the Transfiguration was Roman’s personal obsession in his final years. He began building the 20-storey-high building on his cattle farm in the early 1980s with the intention of passing it on as his legacy to the Slovak Byzantine-rite Catholic Church. Roman’s sudden death in 1988 left the cathedral in the hands of his heirs, principally Helen Roman-Barber, who sit on the board of the foundation which owns the church. Since Roman’s death the cathedral has become the centerpiece of a 1,200-home subdivision named Cathedraltown, planned by Helen Roman-Barber. Bishop John Pazak, spiritual head of Byzantine rite Slovak Catholics in Canada, has been seeking ways of extricating the religious function of the cathedral from the Cathedraltown business plan. The barely completed foundations of the building were blessed by Pope John Paul II while he visited Canada in 1984, making the one-time seat of the eparchy the only cathedral in Canada to be blessed by a pope. Features of note - the second largest peel of bells in the world and a mosaic of approximately five million pieces. Slovak Cathedral of the Transfiguration Markham Ontario View Large On Black
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